Gold Winner of the 2018-2019 British Property Lettings Award for Alton, Liss and Bordon

News at Homes Estate Agents | 31/10/2018

Homes Estate Agents - British Property Awards 2018-2019 Gold Winner for Letting Agent in Alton Liss and BordonHomes Estate Agents has just won The British Property Lettings Gold Winner Award for outstanding customer service levels delivered by their Regional Lettings Team.

The team performed outstandingly throughout the extensive judging period and they have now been shortlisted for a number of additional national awards which will be announced early next year.

The British Property Awards provide agents throughout the UK with an invaluable opportunity to compare the service that they provide against the service provided by their local, regional and national competition.

Agents who go that extra mile and provide outstanding levels of customer service are rewarded with our accolade, which acts as a beacon to highlight these attributes to their local marketplace.

Homes Estate Agents - British Property Awards 2018-2019 Gold Winner, Independently Judged, Over 25 Criteria, Judging Your Local MarketThe British Property Awards are one of the most inclusive estate agency awards providers as they do not charge to enter. This has enabled their award to be structured in a manner that ensures maximum participation, on average judging over 90% of agents that meet their minimum criteria on a local level.

The team personally mystery shops every estate agent against a set of 25 criteria to obtain a balanced overview of their customer service levels. The judging criteria is both comprehensive and detailed exploring different mediums, scenarios and time periods to ensure that agents have been rigorously and fairly judged.

Robert McLean from The British Property Awards said “Our awards has been specifically designed to be attainable to all agents, removing common barriers to entry, such as cost, to ensure that we have the most inclusive awards. Our award has also been designed to remove any opportunity for bias or manipulation. If an agent has been attributed with one of our awards, it is simply down to the fantastic customer service levels that they have demonstrated across a prolonged period of time. Winning agents should be proud that their customer service levels provide a benchmark for their local, regional and national competition”.